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Do you think deities would be bothered by the wearing of masks/facepaint during rituals? I always hear about ritual robes, rings, necklaces, and special hats, but never anything concerning the face. Should it remain clear? Or does it not matter?




I haven’t read anything on it personally, so I can’t offer advice either way, to be perfectly honest. plus I don’t really work for deities other than Adonai, so I’m not much help. followers?

— Mod D

Masks have been used for rituals around the world! :D For various purposes from religious to healing purposes 

Yep. And as most humans identify their personality most strongly with the face (and most of our sense organs are concentrated there) putting a mask over our face can be an incredibly powerful way to signify a transformation has occurred. We can use this change as a way to bring ourselves more closely to the beings/energies/etc. we’re working with in ritual, as well as helping us focus on whatever it is we’re trying to accomplish.

Interesting and awesome masky stuff!

Confirmed for Oregon Country Fair this summer!

See you all in July :)


Pendragons by TheArtoftheMask

The Bloom Series - Episode 2: Practicing The New World


Want to see my works in a documentary? This episode of The Bloom Series which explores festivals and their culture all across the land, features two of my favorite people at Faerieworlds wearing some of my works as part of their costumes! Look for two headdresses, one black wolf and one cross fox, plus a bonus coyote skull rattle :) The clip starts about four and a half minutes in, and it’s a really lovely snapshot of one of my very favorite events throughout the year.

Our masks appear in episode 3 :D

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